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Key Benefits

GspaceOnline enhances student services, is the driving force of your institutional performance, helps you in management control and to deliver value based education, helps you in brand building for School, College and University. It delivers more features and academic values with a more easy and flexible platform.

For Institute

OPMI (One page Management Information) is a reporting System. Now finding about your one or multiple institute reporting and latest information on Just One page. Fee collection & accounts, Institute Inventory, Teacher and student attendance, Syllabus covered teacher wise or class wise, Library status and real time video chat with teacher and staff. All these information is on your computer screen in JUST ONE CLICK. You get complete accounting system with security and according to your working, Improved Quality of interaction between Parents and Institutes Administrators. Student safety feature GPS system for school transport, Auto Sms for transport and student in & out report to parents, over speeding alerts of schools bus, health and critical problem alert to parents and authorized person. Get Institute online Blogging, chatting and website for institute brand building.

For Parents

We think parents participation is overlooked in the whole education system because of their busy schedules they can't actively participate in their childs education so we introduce a special online portal and auto messaging system. In GspaceOnline every parents concern about their childs safety is taken care of. Parents are provided with a GPS enabled transport safety system to track the childs movements while using the school transport. Parents get SMS alerts for their childs arrival and dispersal from school. Track your child's performance and get involved in their development! Access his childs "Rating System" on his academic and personal activity, Access School Online - Notices, Homework, Appointments, Get Video meeting and interaction with teachers for more clear understanding, Stay in touch with the school even at home or office, Check daily attendance of their child anytime from anywhere, View important faculty comments/principal's communication, up-to-date fee payment details online, Communicate through email with faculty with a single click, Monitor the child's progress regularly, View important admin notices, Remarks, Course Portion Status, Fee Status, Results, Grades, Attendance, Question papers & worksheets, Circulars. Access Library and Lend books for your child, Submit feedback and suggestions, Get consolidate academic and personal report for child growth and parents meeting at school time to time. System enables parents to spot potential problems, take necessary action, and to plan for their children's success.

For Student

Lone Campus provides students with a multidimensional Student Life Cycle program called My Life.

  1. Education and information: Student get easy access to the school anytime, anywhere. The special feature for student is Virtual Class Room he can take online class, access daily lecture records - Homework, Assessment, and Worksheets & E-Notes. Student can see recorded class room lectures for their reference, Access important campus information online to stay better informed of upcoming events, important campus announcements, and class information through online-Email and SMS. Access Online - Notices, Circulars, Coursework status and Appointment status. Teacher's Articles, Attendance, Teacher's Remark, School Calendar and Planner. Access and Browse Library to search books, information about new books and if book not available then he can reserve the book which he requires and he can get auto SMS or mail when the book is available. Get Online Results and Grades, Online examination, access previous year question papers and model test papers, Use Placement portal for searching JOBs, Online interviews and recruitment.
  2. My Life: Is a unique feature of GspaceOnline. My Life is a "Student Life Cycle System", in this system he can integrate his entire student lifecycle (all aspects of his/her student life) on one reliable and easy to manage platform.

For Teacher

Now store all your academic records like Attendance, Logbook, Grades etc., Any time, any where, Easy online access with the flexibility to amend from your work-desk, home or while on the move using laptop. Record your video Lecture at home through our "Visclassroom" and publish in "Digital Library" for your class or student. Create your own course content in "Digital Library" use in classroom as per his/her requirement. Run online. Class material or online course posted to absentee students, Access School information like Notices, Circulars, and time-table, Activities, Calendar and Planner, Course Planner. Save time from non-teaching activities like report making and record keeping. Spend the most productive hours of yours in the teaching. Online tutoring system for school student or provide tutoring to outside student and earn money. Makes class online, any where any time through our Visclassroom. Online examination facility for Students to reduce complicated manual tests, Create question papers from the online question bank. Get a central store for all the teaching and learning planned by the school online. Reduces long term planning. E-mail & Internal messaging system to send important information or notices. Complete attendance automation. Publish articles from home or school. Send student feed back and Interact with parents efficiently and effectively. Teacher Parents Meeting - Class teacher can create analytical reports about academic and personal behavior for students and send to his parents for parents teacher meeting so he/she can talk with more focus to the parents and make them aware about meeting agenda. Manage class information, Greater focus on teaching and less on time consuming administrative functions viz. Student records, class schedules, reports, attendance etc.

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