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College LoneCampus

College Management & administration, is not limited to maintaining just employees and student information. All the major college stakeholders - students, faculty, non-teaching staff, parents, alumni and the management, require a way to connect with each other.

College LoneCampus will allow management, administration, parents, students and faculty to access critical information and resources from anywhere, any time. College LoneCampus provides a complete student lifecycle continuity, as students progress from their first year of joining, till the time they graduate and even become an alumni. College LoneCampus is highly effective, easy-to-use campus management solution and offers plenty of time-saving features such as calculating attendance, tallying exam scores, managing new admissions, designing complex time-tables, Accounts, inventory, HR, generating analytical reports, calculating fee, sending SMS & email, messages & notices board, managing library & student information, tabulating grades, performance, scheduling classes, managing transport, printing examinations reports, allocating hostels etc.

College LoneCampus empowers the Management, Teachers, Students, and Parents to easily communicate, share information, and manage their tasks effectively.

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