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Lone Campus

5 reasons why Lone Campus?

Lone Campus
    1. You will have the latest technologies and online software far ahead of others. Empowering you to be a visionary and a market leader.

    2. Lone Campus designed to automate a Institute's diverse operations from pre admission to fee operation, classes, Time table to exams & grading.

    3. You can help parents keep track of their wards movements through that can be integrated with SMS, GPS, Smart cards, Bio-metrics and bar codes as per the Institutes requirement.

    4. With the largest content library in Asia, we can empower you with e-Learning tools, virtual classrooms, online tutoring, multimedia courses, and help you conduct online examinations.

    5. Powerful online dashboard system, to bring Management, Administration, Teacher, Students & Parents can closely interact and create close relationships with each other on the common interactive platform.

    5 . Not only will lone Campus provide you free hardware and servers, but also manpower support, service, training, online support and call centre support. (Since this is not as an important consideration as the rest, and something that we at VISIONet are reputed to deliver, let's just call it half a reason).
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